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We solve all problems related to garage door parts, are excellent garage door replacement experts and provide full services.

Roller longevity

Keep your rollers going for a long time by removing any build up of grease and dirt.  This is just a question of using a cloth in order to get rid of the debris. If it is stuck for a long time then gently tap the excess away using a stick. Give the rollers a good clean.

Replace old garage door rollers with nylon rollers

The nylon garage door rollers are quieter and much more durable. They come in different sizes so you have to pick ones which are a precise match to your existing rollers. Most residential garage doors use 2-inch rollers but you should check just in case.

Ensuring that your garage door cable is safe and secure

When checking the safety of your garage door, the experts in our garage door service Framingham advise that you look into the garage door cables and not just the springs. Be sure that the cables are installed in a safety containment to prevent accidents in case it snaps. Have our specialists install them if your cables do not have them.

Garage Door Repair Framingham

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