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Garage Door Measurements Must Be Accurate

11/28/2014 Back To Blog

Not all garage doors are the same. There is certainly a purpose for that since each property and every homeowner has different requirements. That's perfectly natural. After all, not all doors will fit in all garages. As far as their size is concerned, they must be ordered in relation to the measurements taken in the garage. The same logic is applied to the garage door parts. One must not randomly choose components. Parts are chosen in accordance with the door and its needs. Different size and weight doors will have other requirements and if this rule is not followed, the door won't move or the parts will soon break.

Be extra careful when you choose garage doors and parts

When you must replace the existing garage door, it's wise to measure the ceiling, the side parts and the space outside. It will definitely depend on what type of door you want to get. If you stick with an overhead door once again, you must be sure of the length of the ceiling so that you can choose a door of the right height. Remember that the door will open along the ceiling and the backroom must suffice for full opening. If the door will swing outwards, you must have the space in the driveway or the door won't open fully. It's also important to measure the opening of the garage and think whether you have changed cars. There must be enough space for the car to pull through and for the garage door tracks.

The actual weight of the door will determine the size of components as well. In some occasions, the weather conditions will be a major determinant as well. Take hurricane prone regions, for example. They must have large size garage door brackets and hinges in order to reinforce the stability of the tracks and keep the door from being blown away. Under normal conditions, the size of the tracks must be in accordance with the requirements of the door and furthermore the size of the garage door rollers must be chosen in accordance with the door's weight but they must also fit perfectly in the tracks. The size of the springs and their power will also go in accordance with the needs of the door and so will the opener, which is not measured in length but by the motor's horsepower.

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