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Fix Garage DoorThe first step needed to fix garage door involves the pinpointing of the problem and its cause. Each issue manifests itself in a different way. In case of a broken cable, the door is uneven. In case of a broken spring, the door may work extremely slowly or may not function at all. Sometimes, the problem is clearly visible. This is the case with rusty panels and parts and bent tracks.

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The second step is the actual garage door repair. There are four factors for effective repair. The first one is knowledge. The person making the repair must know what to do in order to achieve the desired results. Technical skills, dexterity and experience are all part of the knowledge base. The second factor is equipment. Special tools are needed. The third factor is the set of materials required such as solvent and lubricant. The fourth factor is the replacement part. If replacement has to be made, the new part must match the old one.


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Garage Door Repair Framingham

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